Salta is one of the 23 provinces of Argentina situated in the northwest of the country, it is well known for its natural rock structures in La Quebrada de las Conchas, the Salta capital city and it’s exceptional vineyards.

I recommend trying the black “Salta” beer! 

If you are going to visit Salta the best places to go are Cafayate, Salta capital, and Cachi.


Cafayate is a city located in the south of the province.

The seven cascades

It’s a fourty minute walk from the town or a 10 minute cab wich can cost between 75 and 100 pesos. Once arrived there are several paths to get to the cascades so it is recomended to pay a guide if you want to see all of them. Doing it without knowing the route can be dangerous. And also, you won’t find any cascade…

Wine Tasting!

In Cafayate there are also many vineyards you can visit, some of them are free and others you have to pay if you want to do some wine tasting. Salta wines are altitude wines, the Torrontes grape excels from the others prized for its perfumed aroma, fruity flavor and balanced acidity.

VIÑEDO CAFAYATE.pngCafayate city is small , if you are searching for hostel or camping I recommend Road runners Hostel, the night here costs 150Ars (8.5 Usd) for tents and 200 (11.4 UsD) or more the room. The staff here is really pleasant, if you are searching to go out at night this is the place to be. Also if you are trying to save money here go have a free breackfast cause the roof is all covered by delicious grapes!

Parra_de_uvas (2)

Here you can also try the wine ice cream if you haven’t tried yet!

Quebrada de las Conchas

During the day you can go to the Quebrada de las conchas paying a cab or “remis” that will wake you to the several rock structures located on road. In My opinion this is a must do tour!

 Where to go from cafayate?

From Cafayate you can take the ruta 40 to Cachi or the ruta 68 to Salta Capital. On the way to Cachi

  • To Salta capital 3/4 hours by bus.
  • To Cachi 3/4 hours by bus.
  • To Tafi del valle in Tucuman 2 hours by bus.


Cachi is a small town located at the west of salta province it is known for the Cuesta del obispo


The town of Cachi is really picturesque,  buildings date from the XVIII century and it’s all painted in white.

cachi ciaudiglesia-cachi-067

Hostel’s here coste between 150 and 200Ars

Salta capital

Salta capital is located at the north of the province, here you can visit the Cerro San Bernardo and the historical part of the city wich is nicely iluminated at night.

Salta’s main church


Cerro San Bernardo

To get to the San Bernardo hill you can take the cableway or you can just walk for about 30/40 minutes to get to the top. Once here you can contemplate the view of the city and hills around it.


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