La Paz

La Paz is a city in which you will not see the best monuments nor enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Bolivia. It is not a nice, quiet, artistic city. La Paz is full of vibration, chaos, hundreds of cars honking, thousands of eyes that cross your path, millions of moving legs. It’s just: Pure Life.

La Paz is located at 3600 meters above sea level so you have to walk slowly. But each step is life, color, smell, and taste.

What can you visit in La Paz

La Paz well deserves a couple of days just to see its center. It is a city to get lost in its streets and live and contemplate the Bolivian life

The Coca leaf museum

This very small museum it is very interesting to know a little more about this controversial plant. Here you will be taught about its history, mystical, sacred part and the medical use it has had. Also, of course, their relationship with cocaine and even with the Coca-Cola brand. It takes about 45 minutes to visit it. They also have a small bar where they take products made with this plant like beers, liqueurs or chocolates.
Price: 15 bolivianos (2,17 USD)coca

Enjoy the La Paz views

There are several viewpoints you can find in La Paz. I recommend the Killi-Killi viewpoint views from here are spectacular. You can see from the snowy mountain of Illimani to the chaotic configuration of the center of the city or the district of El Alto.
Price: Free.
Hours: All day.

LA PA.jpg

La Paz historic center

La Paz historical center hasn’t got many monuments that can be visited, it is recommended to visit the Plaza de San Francisco, a lively square where there’s always some street show and the Basilica de San Francisco. You can climb up to its tower and see the views of La Paz (20 Bolivians=2,89 USD). From here you can walk to Plaza Murillo, the location of the Cathedral, the Government Palace, and the Executive Palace.


La Feria 16 de Julio or Feria del Alto
One of the best experiences of La Paz is to live its peculiar and huge “feria” that takes place on Thursdays and Sundays, a flea market where you can find many things at a good price, much cheaper than in the center. It is somewhat far from the center but you can take the cableway for 3 bolivianos (0,43 USD) from the bus terminal. It is recommended to go with no valuables or cameras.

Visit “El Mercado de las Brujas” or the witches market known for selling “witchcrafts”
This place seems really touristy. In their stands you can find the antidote for the evil of loves, the evil of the poor and, why not, the evil of height. Here you’ll find thousands of curious things that you would never think would ever exist. It opens every day.
El Valle de la luna
The Valley of the Moon is a rock formation. It is located in the south of La Paz, so you have to take some transportation to get there.