If you talk about stunning mountains, landscapes, amazing sunsets and history you are talking about Bolivia, this country was marked for having the largest silver mine from the mid-16th century to the mid-17th century during the colonial period. Actually, The economy of Bolivia is poor so you will find the country quite cheap in all terms, food, transportation, and lodging.

Some useful information:

Some countries need a visa to enter Bolivia, here you will find the following ones:


It is also required to be Vaccinated against yellow fever. I didn’t know this when I was there and had no legal problems. If you’re planning to go places like Sorata, Coroico, or places near to the Amazonas it is highly advised.

Bolivia’s gastronomy is somewhat special, from my experience there aren’t many typical dishes, however, if you want to eat some chicken this is the country cause you’ll find a “Pollo Broaster” every corner. Here the meat has no cold chain so I would not recommend eating it, although I have friends who have eaten everything here and nothing has happened to them!

If you are a vegetarian like me you will not have much variety of foods, so I recommend you the quinoa and peanut soups or the traditional empanadas.

Let’s get to the destinations>

These posts contain travel guides, food, recommendations, lodging and traveler experiences:

La Paz:

La Paz is a city in which you will not see the best monuments nor enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Bolivia. It is not a nice, quiet, artistic city. La Paz is full of vibration, chaos, hundreds of cars honking, thousands of eyes that cross your path, millions of moving legs. It’s just: Pure Life.LA PAZ.jpg

Uyuni: Just Heaven on Earth.UYUNI.png

Potosi: world´s highest city:POTOSI.png

Sorata: In my opinion a must do in Bolivia:sorata3
La Isla del Sol: Staying at the shores of the highest navigable lake in the worldISLA DEL SOL.png

Coroico: Our 102 km trek in the middle of Bolivia. From snow to jungle.COROICO.png

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