Where to Sleep and What to visit in and nearby Puerto Montt.

Puerto Montt, a port city in southern Chile’s Lake District, known as a gateway to the Andes mountains and the Patagonian fjords.

This post will guide you through the visits in Puerto Montt and nearby as well as informing you about the best places to sleep adjusting to your interests.

What to visit in the city of Puerto Montt?

Walking by the long waterfront promenade, visitors easily come across the Yacht Club, the local harbor, magnificent cruise liners anchored in the bay and a little bit farther, the Angelmó Avenue, with a handicraft fair and its well-known fish and seafood market.

The city’s neoclassical cathedral overlooks Plaza de Armas (the main square). Nearby, Casa del Arte Diego Rivera displays contemporary works by local and national artists, and just outside the city lies Caleta de Angelmó Market. aANGELMO

Here you can visit the most popular and iconic market in Chile, where little fishing boats arrive where you to witness the everyday fishermen work. Here visitors not only can buy fish and fresh shellfish (mussels, clams, pink salmons,  scallops and giant barnacles) but also eat at cocinerías (food stalls) assisted by women who usually shout out their delicious dishes to sell.AANGELMO

You can also visit the John Paul II Municipal Museum, which houses a comprehensive collection of material related to religious themes, typical legends, and some weapons.

Near Plaza de Armas you can make it to the cultural center Diego Rivera, which offers important musical events, plays, and exhibitions all the year round.

These are the most important spots to visit in Puerto Montt so far, but certainly, there are many more activities, nooks, and roads that show the spirit of this city.

What to visit near Puerto Montt?

Tenglo Island

Just opposite Angelmó Market is the Tenglo Island, separated by the homonymous channel. On this channel, it is possible to take one of the motorboats or little boats to reach different islands or make a water outing across the Island.ISLA TENGLO.png


You can also visit Chinquihue, a little village of fishermen that live in colorful palafitos (stilt houses) over the surface as a protection against high tides. This is a picturesque housing area which also offers a variety of dishes.

Chinquihue Port

Punta Pelluco

Eastwards, from Puerto Montt, you can visit one of the most popular beach resorts known as Punta Pelluco, where hotels and restaurants abound.Here tourists can taste salmons, shellfish and popular curantos de hoyo, traditional dishes from the southern Chile where ingredients are cooked inside a hole in the ground filled with hot rocks and native leaves.


Volcan Calbuco and Reserva Nacional Llanquihue

The reserve of 33,974 hectares of extension protects a beautiful forest vegetation as well as unique fauna v which can be appreciated through a footpath of excursion towards the Calbuco Volcano.reserva nacional llanquihue.png

Reserva Nacional Alerce Andino


Here you can have a really pleasant and relaxed day by making some short walks. Take a picnic lunch with you. Even if it is raining you can find shelter underneath the trees.

The main walks are:

-Mirador Huillifotemat about 1km and the Laguna Saragazo walk (2.5km).

The Chiloe Island

From Puerto Montt, you can go to the Chiloe Island, one of the greatest tourist attractions reached only through a ferry boat across the sea.

You can find the entire guide to the Chiloe Island here.


Where to sleep?

Cabañas Rincon Austral


Located at a 5-minute drive from the Alerce Andino Park, Cabañas Rincon Austral, attended by its owners, offers accommodation in independent bungalows at 20km away from Puerto Montt. It is a really good choice if you want to connect with nature and being at the same time close to the touristic places.

Low Price places:

There are hostels in Puerto Montt like Mi Hostal tu Casa, Mirador de Angelmo and many others where you can find cheap prices that round 30$ the night

There are also well-reviewed bed and breakfast and chain hotels in Puerto Montt.

You can support my blog by booking your lodging here:


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