Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales

Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales

 To visit any of the national parks in Chile, you must sign in and out at the CONAF (Chilean Park Authority) office. Do not attempt to hike in these areas without first consulting the park guards. They will provide you with trail maps, information, advice and weather forecasts.

The most accessible and best laid out of the national parks in the area. Plenty of short walks on well-marked trails. The park basically encompasses a huge chunk of land all around the Lago Todos los Santos, including Osorno Volcano. The park office is in Petrohue, on the lakeshore (66km from Puerto Varas).

Please note that the last shops & restaurants of any note at all are in the village of Ensenada. Petrohue has a small hotel and a sort of shop but it’s not terribly reliable. Particularly nice walks from Petrohue are:

1) Rincon del Osorno – a 5km walk along the lakeshore from the park guard’s station at Petrohue.
2) Los Alerzales – a 4km walk from the guard’s station.


saltos petrohue 2.png
Saltos de Petrohue


Also worth exploring are the waterfalls of Saltos de Petrohue – a series of short nature trails around the falls access before you get to Petrohue. Well signposted and immediately adjacent to the road.


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