Isla de Chiloé, tradition, crafts and magnificent viewpoints.

What to do in the Chiloé Island?

The Island of Chiloé is one of the most important touristic attractions of the Region of Los Lagos. It is characterized by its strong religiosity, wool, wood and pottery crafts. Here you will be able to visit its cities go trekking on the National Park Chiloé.

How to get to Chiloe Island?

  • Plane: From Santiago to Chiloé.
  • Bus: From Santiago to Puerto Montt.Ferry:
  • From Puerto Montt to Chiloé.
  • Tour: From Puerto Montt or Chiloé.

General Recommendations for the Island:

  • The climate is temperate oceanic rainy with Mediterranean influence, abundant and constant rainfall even in summer. The annual average temperature is 11 ° C.

  • It is advisable to wear clothes suitable for rain because the weather changes constantly at any time of the year. Trade in rural areas is open all day but closes between 13.00 and 15.00.

  • It is advisable to carry cash in Chilean pesos since there is no possibility to pay with cards in kiosks and rural premises.

Typical Gastronomy:

Among the typical dishes is the curanto, a soup made with meat, sausage seafood and potatoes, the chapaleles, which are a mixture of potatoes and flour cooked in curanto broth, the milcao also made from potatoes, this is one of the most important foods of the area along with meat and seafood.

These are the main cities to visit on the island:



Ancud is one of the most important cities of Chiloé. It receives hundreds of tourists who arrive to cross the south of Chile. This city is the gateway to the Big Island of Chiloé, has a rectangular shape and is surrounded by sea on three sides, while the fourth border with Dalcahue and Quemchi.



Achao is a town in the Chiloé Archipelago. It is the capital of the commune of Quinchao. It is built on a flat area surrounded by hills and facing a shallow sandy beach. In the surrounding hills, you can find abundant viewpoints, such as Alto de la Paloma.



Dalcahue is a city of the Island of Chiloé, here you can visit 3 wooden churches that were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.You can also navigate its rocky shores that are characterized by their large number of mollusks and crustaceans.



Visit the largest city of the Island of Chiloé. It is known for its famous crafts markets and the church San Francisco that was declared Patrimony of the Humanity by Unesco.

Parque Nacional Chiloé

One of the best places on the Island of Chiloé to do trekking is the Chiloé National Park. It is characterized by its green landscapes and natural trails, ideal for those who like excursions. In the Chiloé National Park, the Valdivian jungle predominates with a dense forest consisting of evergreen trees, shrubs and climbing plants. In addition to the vegetation, its main attractions are Lake Cucao, the coastal dunes and the colonies of sea lions. The most attractive places of the park are the sector Chanquín, where is the lake Cucao and the coastal dunes have several kilometers of extension; the mouth of the Abtao River and its great vegetation diversity; the island Metalqui with its colony of sea lions; Lake Huelde, easily accessible; and the Cole-Cole sector, north of Punta Huentemó, where there is a beach suitable for fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.


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