San Martin de Los Andes

When it comes to landscapes, The Chapelco Hill, Lanín National Park, Lake Lacar or The road of the Seven Lakes are some of the must visit in San Martin de Los Andes.

Parque Nacional Lanin

parque nacional lanin.png

“The forest on the way from Lake Queñi to the thermal baths. All within the Lanin National Park, which you can enter from San Martin de Los Andes. A national park with several lakes, all beautiful. Many can be reached by car and others by walking. All the roads are worth it. Ideal for camping in the free camping areas”.

Cerro Chapelco

Chapelco, the ski center next to San Martin de Los Andes, located in the heart of the beautiful Patagonia. 

Lago Lacar


 Starting from the seven Lakes road, from San Martin de Los Andes to Villa la Angostura. It is recommended to spend the first night here and start your day with this amazing landscape. Lake Lacar is seen from several points, it is advisable to camp in one of the campsites that are found when the route of the seven lakes begins, but it is also worth going to visit its shores in Lanin National Park. Always the best by making it by camping.

Ruta de Los Siete Lagos, From San Martin to Villa la Angostura

It is a very picturesque and entertaining road, here you’ll see a lot of landscapes! If you do it by bus it is recommended to reserve the left side.  If you prefer hiking it is nice to make it along the lakes, you will be able to see several birds and boats.

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