The Colourful city of Valparaiso

What can you visit here?

The house of Pablo Neruda, La Sebastiana

A must-see when visiting Valparaiso is to go to the house of the poet Pablo Neruda, who named it “La Sebastiana”. This is one of the 3 houses that the poet has in Chile. It is located in the hill Bellavista opposite to the bay of the city.  The house has the typical architecture of the city, inside you can appreciate a lot of objects brought from different places in the world. Now the place has been equipped with a cafe and tourist information area, as well as an art gallery.


The open sky museum


A part of the hill Bellavista is called “Open Sky Museum” because of the number of murals in it. However, all Valpo is a museum that breathes urban culture, since murals and graffiti are everywhere. There are murals all over the hills, this is one of the things that draws the attention to the traveler when you first step Valparaiso. Without them, this city would not be the same.

The Valparaiso Hills

“I am from Valparaiso, and there isn’t a hill more beautiful than PLAYA ANCHA, with its winds, the viewpoint that attracts everyone, where you can share so many emotions in new years looking at the horizon.”


The Green Lagoon

Special for those who like nature, cycling places, roads, beaches and enjoy walking many miles to reach a hidden beach or simply catch a view of the sea among the trees. This place has with a privileged view towards the town and the sea. Without water or electricity, locals take care of it as a treasure.




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