Chile, located in the extreme southwest of South America, where only two hours by car separate the mountains from the Pacific Ocean… Here you will be able to enjoy the hiking and mountain sports and then, within the same day, experience the sunset on the beaches in the Chilean coast!

Top seven places to visit in Santiago de Chile.

The capital of Chile, which conquers with its parks, sports, cultural activities and its bustling nightlife in its many neighborhoods.

santiago de

San Pedro de Atacama, what to visit? where to sleep?

In the large north of Chile, gateway to the aridest desert in the world located at 2500 meters above sea level, a small adobe town, and peaceful life welcomes travelers from all over the world: San Pedro de Atacama.

Valle de la luna

The city of Valparaiso, a must do in Chile!

Valpo is a museum that breathes urban culture since murals and graffiti are everywhere. There are murals all over the hills, this is one of the things that draws the attention to the traveler when you first step Valparaiso.


The Ultimate guide to the Chilean Lake District.

This post will guide you through the five macro zones ( The Araucania Andina, Lake VillaricaPanguipulli and the Seven Lakes Route, Lago Ranco and finally Entre Lagos) included in the route. Then it continues over Puerto Varas and the Lake Llanquihue to finally finish on Reloncavi and the capital regional capital: Puerto Montt.PARUQE NACIONAL VICENTE ROSALES.png

What to visit in and near Puerto Varas.

Puerto Varas is a small city on the southern shores of Lake Llanquihue about 20km north from Puerto Montt. The city was built by German immigrants who were invited to colonize southern Chile in the mid 19th century. The German architecture, culture, and traditions are still very noticeable here.PUERTO VARAS

What to visit in and near Puerto Montt, the regional capital.PUERRRTOO.png

Isla de Chiloé, tradition, crafts and magnificent viewpoints.

The island of Chiloé is characterized by its famous colorful stilts, craft markets, nature and strong religiosity. It receives hundreds of tourists who arrive to know the Chilota culture and its traditions. In this post, I cover what to visit in this beautiful island, how to get there, Gastronomy, and, I will show you some useful recommendations for you to know before going to the Island.

Pucón: Land of cultures, gastronomy, lakes and volcanos.

Pucón is located in the Region of La Araucanía on the shores of Lake Villarrica. It is characterized as the most important lakeside resort in Chile for having plenty of tourist attractions like thermal centers, national parks where you will be able to trek volcanos, enter volcanic caves and see amazing rivers and lakes.National Park


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