Top 7 places to visit in Santiago de Chile

Top 7  places to visit in Santiago de Chile:


Cerro San Cristobal

It is probably the most emblematic place of Santiago de Chile. It can be reached by funicular and offers the best views of the city. It has to be a clear day. Worth going up to get the view away to the maximum of visibility. Large buildings, the Andean ridge behind with its snowy peaks.


Plaza de Armas

Considered the historical center of the capital of Chile. It was designed in 1541. The markets were constructed around it, merchandise wagons came here during the colonial era. In the middle of the square was placed the guillotine to execute the condemned and demonstrate the power of the real justice. In 1860 the square was forested with trees and beautiful gardens. Today it is a center for cultural activities, especially the classic painters and comedians.


Cordillera de Los Andes

One of the most beautiful landscapes in this country is the Andes Mountains, very imposing in both winter and summer.You can visit the ski centers in Chile like Farellones, Colorado and of course Valle Nevado. The temperature in Winter runs from -8º to 5º (average).


El Mercado Central

In the Central Market, in the Estación Mapocho neighborhood and to the side of the Cal y Canto metro, there are not only seafood and fish restaurants but also a series of passages with fishmongers and fresh seafood. It is ideal as a walk, to see the surprises that the Pacific Ocean brings to us. You can buy something to cook or end up trying some of the restaurants!


Parque Bicentenario

In the neighborhood of Vitacura is located this large park with green areas,  a lagoon with fish and birds, children’s games and multiple paths. This park also has modern buildings which are complemented by the beautiful views that can be obtained from here to the skyline of the city of Santiago.

Parque centenario.png

La Chascona, House of Pablo Neruda

The poet Pablo Neruda, famous for winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, was a man surrounded by mystery and love. This last one was the main reason for which he constructed its third house in Chile, to which it gave the name of the Chascona, a word that exists only in the Spanish of Chile and that means something like “bristly hairs.” The name of the house is due to a tribute to Matilde, a married woman she met a long time ago. The passion between them was so exciting, he even needed a house to keep the relationship secret.


Palacio de la Moneda

Reading Isabel Allende’s books can lead you to know the exact place where they are developed. The Moneda Palace, whose exterior walls still retain signs of the firing of the coupists who were on the roofs during the 73′. It is currently the headquarters of the Chilean Government, although it also houses the Ministry of the Interior and the General Secretariat.




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