My experience in Sorata, Bolivia

We were in La Paz with my brother and a friend, we decided to visit Sorata, a locality to the north of the capital at about 3h30 of route, in order to get there you must take a little van outside the cemetery of La Paz,  these vans are well known for super uncomfortable, with luck your legs fit in the seat. Luckily the beautiful green landscape will make you forget this discomfort.


After 3h30 of not being able to stretch our knees (unless you get the seat behind the driver), we arrived at Sorata, a small village located in the middle of a mountain surrounded by many trees, a place worth visiting.


In order to stay, we chose the campsite “El Vergel” (camping that my brother went to on his previous trip), very beautiful, surrounded by a forest and near a stream. If you like the adventure I really recommend it! Especially because you have to access a downhill road (very steep) the problem isn’t  to go down, but to make the climb with the backpacks, so it is advisable to carry provisions before going down. The campground cost us 14 Bolivians the night, the owners are very friendly hippies that live in a sustainable way. Besides selling organic dishes such as pies, empanadas desserts, you can also buy weed cookies.

By the time we set up camp, we had already noticed that the local fauna was particularly hostile to humans: Terribly annoying yellow mosquitoes buzzed around any surface of the exposed skin and stung us mercilessly. We did not notice the itch until after a while when we felt an uncontrollable eagerness to scratch us with a fork very furiously, so it is highly recommended to walk in long pants!
It is important not to scratch because it will prolong the sting!, I was stung and it easily took a week until it disappeared because of me scratching it.
The next day we bought some of those cookies and went to the so recommended San Pedro cave which can be accessed by walking (2h30) or by taxi, this walk is recommended to be equipped with water and sunglasses as the sun’s rays are very strong.

Once arrived at the cave we had to pay an entrance, at first it does not seem anything very special, just a cave, then entering it you can observe a lagoon. The cave is about 400 m deep with a closed lagoon, and although it is no longer possible to swim in it, you can cross it with pedal boats. When you reach the end of the cave you come to a place where you can not hear or see anything! Tts like being in another dimension! (it is advisable to bring something to light)


A little experience:

Leaving the cave we went to a little place where a Chola (traditional Bolivian woman) accompanied by her daughter sold food, I asked what sandwiches she sold. She and her daughter answered: tomato, egg, and avocado. Once with the sandwiches in the hand, we realized that they lacked avocado leaving them quite incomplete. So I went to claim to the Chola who denied the existence of the avocado, the situation made the woman pretty nervous (contrary to me who was traveling in the skies after that cookie).
As an argument I told her that she and her daughter told me that the sandwich had avocado, she continued to deny reluctantly so I went and sat down to eat my tomato and egg sandwich. At the end of our sandwiches, we heard a few sips from the local which we ignored, then the daughter came in tears and gave me some change… This part wasn’t very funny. I witnessed the little education that exists in poor countries like Bolivia.


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