Tucumán, known as the garden of the country thanks to the subtropical climate that dominates the province.
Tafí del Valle and Amaicha del Valle are the most known places allowing tourists to enjoy the Calchaqui valleys

Tafi del Valle

Tafi del Valle is a village located between mountains so here you will be able to see a lot of amazing views! Here you will find delicious fruits so don’t leave without tasting mangoes or some amazing grapes!!

What to do here?

15km (9miles) from Tafi you can fin “El Mollar”  another village situated on the shores of the “La Angostura” dock. Here you can find the menhir archaeological reserve.


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I recommend walking around Tafi, you will find amazing landscapes full of green.


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What else can you do here?

5km (3miles) from Tafi  on the route 307 you will find an Ecological farm where the couple that lives here will show  you their way of living, you can also buy organic homemade products.

I recommend to go trekking to the mountain next to Tafi known for having the Christian cross at the top. From here you’ll see Tafi, the dock, and El Mollar.


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Where to go from Tafi?

San miguel de tucuman the provincial capital of Tucuman (103km)

Amaicha del valle.

Amaicha Del Valle

Situated at 53km (32miles) to the northwest of Tafi del Valle you will find Amaincha del Valle, a small village with a dry climate.

Best touristic site:

The main attraction here are The ruins of Quilmes: these ruins belonged to the Calchaquíes Indians, who were located on the mountainous cord called Calchaquí, hence the name of these tribes: Quilmes and Calchaquíes.


8km (4miles) from Amaicha there is a cascade you can visit, you can walk there or you can ask a local to take you there for some pesos.


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Hostels here cost about 200 and campings 100/150 Ars.

100 Ars = 5.7 USD


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