Isla del Sol

Welcome to the Isla del Sol or The Sun Island! This touristic site wasn’t visited like it is right now, a few years ago, I´m talking about 2014 there weren’t even hostels here! Today we can say this place is one of Bolivia´s best destinations. It is simply amazing to be in an island located in the highest navigable lake in the world, The Lake Titicaca (3812 meters above sea level).

Challapampa, Isla del Sol

Knowing the Isla del Sol from North to South

To access this magnificent island you have to take a two-hour ship from Copacabana, there are two schedules, 8.30 and 13.30. The ship will make its first stop on the south part of La Isla del Sol where people stay the night (you can camp on the beach for free or sleep in a hostel). From there the Ship sails to the north called Challapampa, once arrived there will be guides willing to accompany you on the island, it can cost 20 bolivianos. isla-del-sol

In the village where the pier is, you can visit The Gold Museum, but do not expect to find anything like that, it just needs to be a marketing strategy. In short, the entrance costs 10 Bolivianos which will give you access to the archaeological part of the

This island has a lot of stories and beliefs  This area gives a home to the Sacred Rock or Rock of the Origins, where it is said that the god Viracocha created humanity. Very close to this important place is the Table of Ceremonies where shamans continue to make Andean rituals to people. It is recommended to be careful 🙂 norte

Once you have visited all these places in the North, you can begin the route of the Inca Trail that will take you to the South. It is recommended by travelers but it takes a lot of effort!! Remember that you are 4,000 meters above sea level so you have to take it easy, especially the climbs. In total, it’s about 10 kilometers, people make it in 3 hours.

Tips:  Buy some coca leaves, they can have a bad taste at first ( I personally enjoy them) but they can really help you when you are in altitude! Also if you are going to stay a night (or more) which I highly recommend, you have to know you’re next to a lake at 4000 meters above sea level so it can be freezing.

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