My experience at the Canión del Colca:  One of the largest canyons in the world.

The tour we booked costs 35 USD per person. A van picked us up at 3.30 am at our hostel in Arequipa. After picking up other people around the city we headed to the rout where we made our first stop in the town of Chivay at 6 am and enjoyed our breakfast in a small restaurant.


We then continued immediately to the village of Yanque where the tour guide taught us about the story of the natives who still inhabit these hills. During the route you can observe the vegetation as well as the terrace cultivations.

From here we went to the cross of the condor natural where we appreciated the depth of the Colca Canyon and where you can observe the wonderful flight of the condor. From this viewpoint, you can also contemplate the beautiful valley of the canyon mixed with the vegetation.


We returned to Chivay and made stops in the most important places like the mysterious lagoons of Altahuilque. Then we visited the church of the traditional village of Maca.

Maca canion del colca.png

Returning to the route we made it to the highest part of the tour, a guided stop in Patapampa (4910m) also called Mirador de Los Andes in the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca where the vicuña is observed in its natural habitat. It is recommended to have some coca leaves.


Finally, we arrived Arequipa at 5:30 pm.




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